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“Knowledge is Power”…with a firm handle on your advertising budget, marketing becomes a predictable income stream. A local marketing agency understands what your ideal customers respond to and utilize when they make buying decisions. Our motto for Nika Bleu Marketing is solutions “out of the bleu”. You get custom advertising that works best for YOUR business. Contact us today. It’s free and easy. See if our local marketing services are a fit for your business.
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Laser Targeted Display Ads

New! Test your website (or your competition’s site) to see how it’s performing. Try our free website grader.

traffic-pcGet more customers! Learn about affordable lead generation and advertising. We are small business specialists. We respect your budget.

google-search190More and more people search on mobile and tablets, and they are searching for LOCAL businesses and places. We can help you get mobile!

social190Videos attract,and they are popular everywhere. Videos and slideshows can be easy to produce, and distribution is key. Learn more.

customers190Valuable marketing tips. From link building to Facebook, get educated on effective ways to boost your business both online and offline. Delivered in digestible bites!


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 Name: Email: We respect your email privacyEmail Marketing by AWeber