How Do You Use SEO?

What is SEO?

How will it help me? Search Engine Optimization is the process used to make the content on your web page have relevance to what users online are searching for and uses analytics studies. Analytics evaluate the data that monitors the activity on your pages.

Days and weeks after your pages have been initially optimized, studies that result in specialized reports are produced. These include: how visitors entered the site (referral sites); which pages are most often used as entrance pages, which are mostly exit pages; how long visitors spend on each page, what words were entered into the browser window (search terms, keywords, etc.), what part of the world visitors come from, and much more informative data. All detectable valuations of web user behavior are gathered.

This data gives your SEO team information on which variables of your pages are relevant and which need more optimization. It’s an ongoing process and good SEO companies know how to make your pages reach your ranking goals. The more relevant your page is to certain search terms, the better your rankings will eventually be.


As your site develops a visitor history through ongoing website analysis, your SEO Company will begin to see important visitor trends and behaviors.

This gives your SEO Company even more data that is used to optimize the flow of visitors buying items or services on your site.

Hitting Your SEO Goal

As your page begins to hit its goal ranking, new techniques can be employed. The goals are to both ensure a lasting result on the initial optimization campaign and to increase gains by targeting other avenues to get the most from the website. Analytics are an important part of what an aggressive SEO Company needs to fight for website pageranks.

The goal is to have your website, that second business, humming along and working for you.