Choose a local marketing resource. A local marketing agency understands what your ideal customers respond to and what kind of advertising is most likely to be effective when they make buying decisions. The motto for Nika Bleu Marketing is solutions “out of the bleu”; you could translate that to “whatever it takes” for YOUR business. You get custom marketing that works best for you. What makes the difference for clients is going the extra mile for you, because our success is truly your success.

Large businesses are able to blanket the area on TV, radio, print and billboards to get the message to customers. You may have the best product, service, or pizza in town, but if no one knows about it, you are swimming upstream. But there’s good news. Small businesses can still compete by marketing smarter. Stop throwing money at useless ideas; track and test what DOES work. That’s what we do for our clients. Contact us today. It’s free and easy. See if our local marketing services are a fit for your business.

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“Knowledge is Power”…with the pieces in place, marketing your business can become a predictable income stream. Sadly, most business owners lack the time or resources to reach that tipping point. Do any of these examples sound familiar?

  • They only buy Yellow Pages advertising because it always worked in the past, yet wonder why it doesn’t work as well today.
  • They invest in a website but don’t get much business from it.
  • Or they try something new, once, and decide maybe that wasn’t the answer either.

traffic-pcGet more customers! Learn about simple changes you can make right now. We are small business specialists. We respect your budget. Learn More

google-search190More people search on mobile and tablets than ever before, and they are searching for LOCAL places. We can help you get mobile! Learn More

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I’ve had websites before that steered me nothing in a years time and yours is producing instant results. Everyone who see’s it compliments me on the content and design.

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