Free Tools

You need the numbers. See how a slight change in a single metric can have a huge impact on a business. (2)

Sales Booster (above) Compare what you are doing monthly compared to what you could be bringing into your business. The tool, like all of these calculators, is interactive so you can test different options.

apptcalc525Appointment Evaluator Service Providers: See how much missed appointments are costing you.

cust-value525Customer Value Calculator Your best customers are the ones you already have. Add it up and see for yourself.

advanced-roi525ROI Calculator Discounting your services? See how it impacts your bottom line.

trafficmax525Traffic Maximizer Calculator  Easy plug-in tool: input your number of customers, average sale price, and percent of conversions. You can even include the cost of attaining new customers to get the real picture.

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These are pdfs which can be read using Adobe Reader.  Get it here.

Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide

Google’s SEO Report Card

Google Analytics Alternative