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If it has been awhile since you raised your prices, or you are not doing any marketing to bring in more business, try this sales booster tool. When I first saw this I was thrilled. Finally, a quick way to see how tweaking just a couple of things can improve your income.

The baseline represents what is existing currently on a monthly basis. For Purchases per Month decimal inputs work as well. For example if you have a sale every other month on average per customer you can enter 0.5. That number can be a little trickier to enter, so enter the first two and you can refresh the calculator as often as needed.

Pay attention to the numbers at the bottom — that’s where it gets interesting.



Ideas to increase sales:

  • Getting more traffic with¬†PPC¬†(buying ads where you only pay if the ad is clicked)
  • Offering discounts to current customers
  • Using a daily deal site to capture new customers (Important: Read this before you use a deal site!)
  • Running a contest on social media
  • Instant SMS texts to get people in the door
  • Video marketing
  • QR codes that scan to a video, click-to-call, coupon
  • Social marketing
  • Reputation management

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