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Discover How Easy and Affordable a Video Can be for Your Monterey Business

Online videos are here to stay; from watching pet tricks to getting a music fix to online tutorials, there is a video for almost anyone, including in Monterey.   Video services can definitely grow your business; you just need to know how to use them.

Many businesses have spent money having a video made about their business.  It is placed…on their site.  If you have a video on your website solely for aesthetics or for an introductory message, this article is not for you.  But, if you are actively seeking more business, and more qualified leads, you may want to consider more options for videos.  Our Monterey Video Service is for businesses that want to get more leads, with or without a website.

That said, of course you would expect to pay much more for videos created by teams with top-of-the-line videographers, directors, and camera people. Nika Bleu videos are combinations of video clips, images, and animated graphics that can fill in the marketing space for businesses that want video but do not have the budget for what real pros charge for their services.

The bang you get for your investment also includes video distribution and optimizing video descriptions to get more reach.

Think of your video as your own tireless salesperson.  24 hours a day, seven days a week, it can deliver your sales message and bring leads back to your business. It’s never sick, tired, or in a bad mood!

How Monterey Video Services Work

Here is how it works:  designate some photos and/or video clips you would like to represent your business (you can choose, we can choose, or we can shoot the photos and short video clips.  We add the appropriate “key words” and content for your specific business, and create an affordable yet compelling sales message.

The video will end with a message that tells the viewer how to contact you immediately. It’s also known as a”call to action.”

This video ” salesperson” can be places on your website, your Google Local Business page, and will be distributed over several video distribution channels.

Notice that there are many ways to get your message out, even if you are camera shy.

For the budget-minded, this is your solution!  You can have a slideshow created and uploaded very quickly and inexpensively.

Monterey Video Services:  Affordable and Easy!

Video Examples

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