Pay Per Click Ads Monterey


NikaBleu has a Google-certified pro to develop pay-per-click ads, and help Monterey businesses reach their target audience.

Why is this important?  With a Google-qualified individual, you have the capability to begin marketing immediately after keyword analysis is done.

Your campaigns can be up and running in minutes, and you can measure your ROI (return on investment) in days, not weeks or months.

You are not limited to internet pages. Do you think it would be valuable to your business to have cell phone ads for freshly delivered pizza for someone texting and looking around 4-10 pm?  Or be an ad showing when someone is searching for “flower delivery Monterey”?     

You only pay when someone clicks on your ad. Combine PPC ad campaigns

with powerful analytics.  Do you think if after knowing an ad spend of $100

returns you $150 in revenue, you might be happy ?     We also work with Yahoo, MSN, and more.pretty sunset

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Our PPC marketing consultants have been through extensive training and are able to manage minimum ad spends of $5000.00 per day.

Clear benchmarks and performance goals are outlined, and you get a clear ROI.  Watch your traffic and conversions GROW!

Monthly fees are on a percentage basis.  Why?  If there is a flat fee, the incentive to decrease ad spend and increase ROI isn’t there.  With a strong campaign done on a percentage basis, everybody wins.

You do not need PPC management if you already:

  • Split-test, AND measure profit per impression
  • Peel off winning keywords and give them their own campaigns
  • Run different ads for search and content networks
  • Use dynamic keyword insertion
  • Expand into other search engines and ad platforms
  • Track your competitors
  • Test landing pages
  • Use all eight available match types
  • Use geo-targeting
  • Study your logs
  • Are using re-marketing techniques


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