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If You Still Do: How to Advertise Smarter on Yellow Pages

Once upon a time, the Yellow Pages was so thick you could plop your toddler on a couple of them stacked together and that kid would be high enough to reach the dinner table. That big fat advertising book was welcomed into American households every year, and like the Sears Catalog, new books were highly […]


Check Your SEO Results

Tips on how to check your SEO results  It’s really easy to feel left out in the dark when it comes to understanding how effective your SEO campaign is. There are several tips and tools you can use to discover exactly how well you (or the competition) are doing. Three ways to check how well […]


1 Pinterest Tips for Your Business Free eBook

Pinterest is a huge portal for folks to put up their own online collections of favorite photos, recipes, and even videos. You simply ‘pin’ your favorite items onto your own board (you can have multiples upon multiples), and pin stuff you like from other boards on Pinterest itself. Pinterest boards are related to a topic […]


Pros and Cons of the Best Business Website Hosting That’s Free

Guest Post by Tiffany Dow Creating an online business is so affordable now that you can even find hosting that won’t cost you a single penny. The best business website hosting you can choose will depend on your specific entrepreneurial needs. If you’re brand new to running an online business, aren’t sure how well you’ll […]


Do You “Like” Google’s Plus 1?

Plus 1 is Google’s “like” button. Do we need yet another way to get other peoples’ opinions? Apparently, we do.  Matt Cutts, Google’s spokesperson, recently said that one of the key factors in ranking today is “getting social”.  It involves their own netwo


Newsletter Archive One

In The News: Surprising Twitter Stats 2 years ago some people were wondering if Twitter was just a fast fading fad. Surprise! It’s not. Twitter just celebrated the fifth anniversary of it’s very first tweet, so the company released this set of stats to show just how huge its service has become… While it took […]


QR Codes in the Monterey Bay

We have been seeing more and more QR codes popping up on signs, windows, packages, and even magazines and tabletops; it’s time to see how we could use QR codes in the Monterey Bay. They are not new, just new to the United States.  Japan has employed QR codes for years, and Europe was next.  […]

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