Check Your SEO Results

Tips on how to check your SEO results 

It’s really easy to feel left out in the dark when it comes to understanding how effective your SEO campaign is. There are several tips and tools you can use to discover exactly how well you (or the competition) are doing.

Three ways to check how well your SEO is doing

Getting search engine visitors? — The entire point of SEO is to improve the chances of your site receiving a larger share of visitors from organic search.

Are your pages ranking? — If you can’ find your pages on the first few pages of Google for the keywords you’re going after, there is work yet to do.

Does your site convert? — While lots of visitors is a good thing, they’re nothing but a drain on bandwidth if they aren’t bringing you the desired result, whatever that is.

Three awesome tools you can use

You don’t need to go this alone! There are lots of SEO tools out on the market, some free and others paid, that will do an awesome job of reporting the exact state of your SEO. Listed below are three of our favorites.

Google Analytics —¬†Google is where your traffic is coming from, so it’s a good idea to check out Google Analytics. The free version is most likely all you’ll ever need, as there is a mountain of data to search through.

Ahrefs — Has a variety of useful tools you can use both paid and free. The free version should be enough to get you started on one site. Reports, backlinks, competition comparison and social mentions tracker are offered in the free version.

Moz Tools — A fabulous suite of terrific tools, Moz has what you need to investigate and manage SEO campaigns. From basic search engines tools, to applications that explore and actually help improve your social media performance, Moz offers quite a bit to keep you busy, and a lot of it is free!

If you want to win with SEO, take the time to delve into the data and check your SEO results. You’ll be abundantly rewarded.

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