Pinterest Tips for Your Business Free eBook

Pinterest is a huge portal for folks to put up their own online collections of favorite photos, recipes, and even videos. You simply ‘pin’ your favorite items onto your own board (you can have multiples upon multiples), and pin stuff you like from other boards on Pinterest itself.

Pinterest boards are related to a topic of the user’s choice: wedding wish lists, travel boards, favorite topics…an endless flow of the lovely, amusing and entertaining.

Once by invitation only (which was appropriately abandoned), now Pinterest welcomes users immediately. Go ahead and browse around to get the feel of how it works.

For marketing, Pinterest is ideal because you can see what’s popular and who is influential. You can even list items for sale. Also, images and videos can be ‘tagged’  with the correct keywords that link back to your site.

Here is our free download; it is laid out in an easy to follow manner with some interesting tools to help make it easier to do, including how to easily link it to Facebook.

This is in a PDF format. If you need Adobe Reader it is free here.

How to Use Pinterest for Your Business Marketing by Nika Bleu

Here’s a brief and one of the best explanations of why Pinterest matters by Chris Brogan, one of the top influencers of Social Media, among many other accomplishments.

Does Pinterest Really Have More Traffic Than Tumblr? Compete


Compete released an analysis saying that for the first time, ever, Pinterest surpassed Tumblr in unique visits to the site.

EBay updates site to be more personal, Pinterest-like — Tech News


eBay has redesigned its core shopping experience with a new Pinterest-style home page, better product pages, search functionality and faster payments. The idea is to make the eBay experience more personalized for


We like this next idea, about letting contributors add pins to your board – crowd sourcing works! By Melanie Duncan on Mari Smith’s (Facebook Guru) blog.


How to Get More Pinterest Exposure With Less Work | Social Media


Pinterest contributor boards: Learn how to network and get free exposure with this Pinterest marketing strategy

  • I love Pinterest! Things that people on Pinterest like get lots of attention and links do get followed to wherever the pin came from. (Popular topics like travel, gardening, flowers, home decor…angels are really popular) My “How to create a memory/angel garden” article is the most viewed on my site and I know that people must link from my Pinterest board pin because my Angel Garden photo has gotten so many views. Gotta read this book! Thanks Kim.

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