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Free Social Marketing Guide

Did you know a little bit of social marketing goes a long, long way?  In addition to conventional marketing methods, it absolutely pays to introduce yourself and your ‘brand’ in popular social sites.  (Why?  How about millions ov visitors per month?) A great way to learn more is by downloading the Authority Black Book by […]


Are You Buzzed Yet?

Yahoo Groups is huge.  With over 5 million members, the right message can make all the difference to your associations, and possibly your success. If you are already familiar with Digg and Propeller (AOL’s social site) this won’t be a stretch.  Yahoo Buzz has just come out of beta and is open to publishers.  These […]


Google Insights Tool

Yet another valuable Google tool! Google Insights can give marketers more information on what users want online.  A brief overview: Looking to expand your market?  You can type in your product and enter it for different countries (even in other languages, such as "house + casa") and determine popularity. Targeting a particular brand?  You can […]


YouTube Tips

Videos are an excellent way to brand your business, and they have never been easier to make.  YouTube is still the largest and has a lot of tutorials to help you get started.  There are other sites that are more organized, however, so don’t forget to explore your options. First, use the recommended formats: Video […]

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