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How Nika Bleu Marketing Helps Businesses Online

Online Marketing Solutions  Marketing your business on the internet needs to achieve three simple goals: Get traffic. People need to know about your products and/or services. Introduce your products and/or services. When visitors arrive on your website, you need to tell them what to do next. Offer something in exchange for their email address or […]


QR Codes in the Monterey Bay

We have been seeing more and more QR codes popping up on signs, windows, packages, and even magazines and tabletops; it’s time to see how we could use QR codes in the Monterey Bay. They are not new, just new to the United States.  Japan has employed QR codes for years, and Europe was next.  […]


How To Make a Facebook Page

A facebook page for your business is different than your personal facebook page (why do they call them both pages?).  It is confusing, but I finally found a slideshare guide that explains it perfectly. Thanks to Olaf Nitz and slideshare. Fancy Facebook Fan Pages – A Step By Step Guide View more presentations from Olaf […]


Why Local Search Matters To You

Image via CrunchBase According to Small Business News, in 2008 the use of local tools to find local businesses rose 58%.  Even better news is that 75% of searches are not “brand driven”, so smaller businesses have a strong reason to have an online presence.  Nearly half of these searches went on to make a […]


Growing Your Business On a Budget

By Guest Author Ali Brown “5 Ways to Keep Learning and Growing – Even on a Tight Budget” by Ali Brown I recently received a long letter from one of my readers – whom I’ll call “Amy” — that went something like this, “Ali, I see you’re now charging beaucoup bucks for your coaching programs […]


Free Blog Monitor for Monterey Bloggers

If you are adding content to your website or blog, you already know life would be easier with fresh ideas and new things to share with your readers.  With thousands of new blogs created everyday, finding information could be like trying to pick out one of these boats in the Monterey Harbor. Sure, you use […]

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