How Nika Bleu Marketing Helps Businesses Online

Online Marketing Solutions 
Marketing your business on the internet needs to achieve three simple goals:

  1. Get traffic. People need to know about your products and/or services.
  2. Introduce your products and/or services. When visitors arrive on your website, you need to tell them what to do next. Offer something in exchange for their email address or phone number. It could be a free sample, an ebook to download and read, a free ‘secret recipe’. You then build a database of clients to market your business.
  3. Convert these people into customers.

Now, how to achieve these goals.

Getting Traffic

The fastest way to get traffic is to buy it. Nika Bleu Marketing is a Google AdWords certified individual, and also advertises for clients in Bing, Facebook, Stumbleupon, and more.

You can advertise across the Google network and their partners with text ads, banner ads, video, and mobile advertising. You pay as you go, and can measure results in days verses months with older methods.

Search Engine Optimization: This is a longer-term solution for getting traffic, but if done effectively you will have traffic for free. This is also known as organic traffic. Free traffic does require a lot of work, and unless you have countless hours to devote to search engine optimization, it’s more cost-effective to outsource this work, at least initially.

Your potential customers are searching for you online.  Over 80% of local business search is first carried out on the internet. And most of these people make purchases withing 25 miles of home.

Social Media. In today’s world your business needs to be found not only by search engines, but by comments and opinions left on review sites. What this means is, Google and other search engines provide reviews (also known as citations) for people to read about your business or service.

You may not even be aware of all of them, but there are scores of review sites like Yelp, Trip Advisor, or Angie’s List. Think of it like the old days’ “word of mouth”, except instead of a trickle it is a geyser. Using the internet to market your business is key.  

Introduce Your Products and Services

When you have new and potential clients on your website, you need to give them a reason to consider becoming a customer. An irresistible offer is what’s needed: invite your visitors to sign up to receive free information. They enter their email and you now have a means of communicating with them.

Nika Bleu Marketing offers an affordable ebook service with professional formatting.


We have partnered with Constant Contact, a premier email solution geared toward small businesses. We can also set up a series of newsletters, to keep your subscribers informed.  It is streamlined to prime your sales funnel. You do what you do best, and your marketing campaign runs 24/7.

Social Marketing: social media reviews as mentioned above are a critical factor today, and Google is implementing this in their SERPs search engine results pages. Google Maps, which became Google Places, and now is Google+ Local, is featured at the top of their search engine results. They are integrating Zagat reviews.

Facebook also is changing their look, and what tools businesses can use.

Nika Bleu can assist with optimizing reviews, deciding where to focus your efforts on social marketing, and more.

Here is what you need to do next:

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“I’ve had websites before that steered me nothing in a years time and yours is producing instant results. Everyone who see’s it compliments me on the content and design. Again I have no idea how you managed to get me so well placed, but whatever you’re doing is working fabulously.” Wilder Wheelright

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