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1 Nika Bleu Video Examples

These promotional videos were almost exclusively done with simple slide shows with short video clips.  The really good photos are from DMT Imaging (thanks Michael!). Carmel California Chamber of Commerce video: Thomas Bateman Hood Architecture: Both are simple, and effective. They bring views, and views bring visitors to your website/business/Facebook page. You do not “have” […]


1 Clicktale Analytics Tool for Monterey Websites

Do you know what users are doing on your web pages? I have been using Google Analytics for years; lately I have added Clicktales to the arsenal as well. Clicktales records visitors’ every movement within your website and records it for you in a video. Wondering about shopping cart abandonment? What amount of time each […]


Web Hosting Monterey Bay

  Choosing your web hosting provider in Monterey Bay California is easy when you know what’s important.  Looking for a green hosting solution? Did you know… 3-4% of ALL electricity is running data centers? A single server can impact the climate as much as one 15 MPG SUV? Servers require a LOT of electricity to […]


Website Owners Lexicon

New to owning a website? You hopefully are working with a professional webmaster, but it’s still YOUR website.  Like owning a new car, you’re not the mechanic, but you are the driver.  It’s always good to know the basics. Here are common terms associated with websites,  and their definitions: Subdomains: A subdivision of your domain […]

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